Yes, you have heard the news, homeschooling is the FASTEST growing segment of education in this country. 

Parents are tired of having less control, hearing of the bad things at schools, and the sometimes under-utilization of their student’s abilities for the good of the whole class. 

Many parents are choosing to homeschool even though they don’t quite know exactly how to do it. We understand. This decision does not come lightly and it can come with a lot of emotions. Those emotions can hamper your ability to dig in deep on the ins and outs of homeschooling because now, you are a teacher! 

You always were a teacher, but now it is formal. 

Questions! Curriculums! Tests! School days! Record Keeping! 

How do you do it all? 

First things first – you must check the laws in your state to see the correct way to begin homeschooling. 

Second – you need to pick a curriculum. You don’t have to settle on one, you can mix and match – it’s your school!!

There are many ways to learn about curriculum. You can, of course, research online. You can attend one of the myriad of homeschool conventions across this great land. You can join co-ops, ask other homeschoolers, or get some counseling. 

Once you pick your curriculum, you are ready to begin your homeschooling.

Get a calendar out and start scheduling your days and weeks. Figure out the days of the week that any particular course will be studied. Elementary may can squeeze all courses in everyday, but as the student gets older, the courses gets harder and more in number, it will require you to break it in the week. 

Now when you do get to middle and high school, record keeping becomes more important than ever. You need to keep samples of your work. Those grey totes are fabulous for keeping samples of your child throughout middle and high school. 

Colleges are increasingly courting homeschoolers and they are looking at you, the parent, for how the child was instructed. What courses did you choose? What curriculum? What are the test grades? 

Keeping records of those things are imperative!  In fact, it is good to start keeping and storing these records AS SOON AS YOU CAN, even elementary! 

Yes, you may have more than one tote, but in the end, when the colleges start looking you want to be ready.